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Truth will out…

— “We Christians should embrace with affection and respect Muslim immigrants to our countries in the same way that we hope and ask to be received and respected in countries of Islamic tradition. I ask and I humbly entreat those … Continue reading

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Good news, everyone, we are still at war with Eastasia…

A reader just alerted me to the fact that the October 2013 interview with Scalfari has once again been scrubbed from Pope Francis’s Vatican dossier.* What a relief! Now all the erstwhile defenders of its contents can revert back to agreeing … Continue reading

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Behold the Church of Doublethink…

Good news, team: the original Scalfari interview, a watershed of papal scandal, is now back online at the Vatican website!* Months ago I had taken its removal as a victory of Catholic prudence and papal dignity, but that reaction, obviously, was … Continue reading

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So, about those 800 dead babies…

‘Twas but a media hoax. Because Catholic-baiting never goes out of style. Now that that’s been cleared up, the hordes of five-minute haters can go back to not giving a flip about the fate of the unborn and infants. Because … Continue reading

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Ecclésiologie macabre

[This post should be read in conjunction with my discussion of the introduction by Cdl. Schönborn to the Ignatius Press edition of Razing the Bastions.] Balthasar 1.0’s Razin-in-the-Son apophatic ecclesiology–which is a propaedeutic for Catholicism’s death by a thousand ecumaniacal cuts–has … Continue reading

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Protected: One is the holiest number that you’ll ever know…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A Razin’ in the Son…

[I provide further commentary on some excerpts from Razing the Bastions in this post.]  I have been meaning to post the following pages since Christmas. My original plan was to post quotations from Francis, under each photo, that echo the young Balthasar’s … Continue reading

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