What I “See”

Painting of Albertus Magnus (1206-1280) by Jus...

Painting of Albertus Magnus (1206-1280) by Justus van Gent, ca. 1475. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[Saturday, 14 Sept. 2013 –– Between migrating with my family to America last summer, taking on a new job, welcoming our newest child, and the usual distractions in life, I have allowed this literary log to lapse. Rather than rack my brains trying to fill in the gaps, however, I’m just going to begin again right now. I will try to fill in a few titles from last year based on my library account, Kindle database, and Amazon reviews, but I doubt I’ll catch all the books I read since last summer. Na ja. (The same goes for movies I’ve seen in the past year or more: I’ve seen so many since my last update that I will just start from the most recent one that I remember best––Kill List––and go from there.)]

I really like movies (but I’m not a film snob)!

As for books, I am (still!) READING NOW:

What’s Wrong with the World (—) by G.K. Chesterton
Divine Intimacy by Fr. Gabriel
Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales
The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism (19–) by Louis Bouyer
Pope Francis: Untying the Knots (2013) by Paul Vallely
Sin and Its Consequences (—) by Henry Cardinal Manning
The Complete Keys to Progress (1993) by John McCallum
It Didn’t Have to Be This Way: Why Boom and Bust is Unnecessary–and How the Austrian School of Economics Breaks the Cycle (2012) by Harry C. Veryser
Reasons for Hope (rev. ed.) (1982) by Jeffrey A. Mirus (ed.)
Galileo’s Mistake (20–) by
Treatise on God: St. Thomas Aquinas (19–) ed. and tran. by James F. Anderson
Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence by Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade
Summa contra gentiles by St Thomas d’Aquino [AVAILABLE ONLINE]
• (!) On Cleaving to God (De adhaerendo Deo) by Albertus Magnus [AVAILABLE ONLINE]
• (!) Covenantal Theology: The Eucharistic Order of History by Fr. Donald Keefe, SJ
• (!) Salz der Erde (Ein Gespräch mit Peter Seewald) von Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger und Peter Seewald

Six Weeks to Brain-Based Teaching () by

100 Practical Tips for New Teachers () by K. M. Root


The Breach (20–) by Patrick Lee

Ghost Country (20–) by Patrick Lee

Can Animals and Robots Be Persons? A Dialogue (19–) by Jason Leiber

Labor Unions, Thugs, and Storm Troopers (2012) by George Reisman

Warren Buffet, Class Warfare, and the Exploitation Theory (—-) by George Reisman

Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain (2009) by David Eagleman

The Sins of the Fathers (19–) by Lawrence Block

The Three Languages of Politics (—) by Arnold Kling

The Fallen (2004) by T. Jefferson Parker

Blood Meridian (1985) by Cormac McCarthy

Conscience of a Conservative (1960) by Barry Goldwater

Deep Sky (2008?) by Patrick Lee

Open Letter to Confused Catholics (1988) by Abp. Lefebvre

Free is Beautiful: Why Catholics Should Be Libertarian (2013) by Randy England

Mary, the Second Eve (TAN Books, 1982) by John Henry Newman

Devotion to the Sacred Heart (1949/2010) by Fr. Lukas Etlin, OSB (?)

Whitehead – Makers of Contemporary Theology (1969) by Norman Pittenger

Mass Made Simple: A Six-Week Journey into Bulking (—) by Dan John

St. Francis de Sales: Sermons for Advent and Christmas (1985) by Francis de Sales

• Hymn of Entry: Liturgy and Life in the Orthodox Church (1984) by Archmandrite Vasileios

Why We Believe in God(s) by J. Anderson Thomson, Jr., M.D.

One Second After** by

A Short History of the Roman Mass by Michael Davies

Liturgical Shipwreck: 25 Years of the New Mass by Michael Davies

The Problems with the New Mass by Rama Coomaraswamy, M.D.

Looking at the Liturgy: A Critical Look at Its Contemporary Form by Aidan Nichols, O.P.

Testem benevolentiae nostrae by Pope Leo XIII (1899)

The Kelso Shrug Book by Paul Kelso

I Am With You Always: The Divine Constitution and the Indefectibility of the Catholic Church by Michael Davies

Vatican II: The Essential Texts by Norman Tanner, SJ (ed.) (2012)

Au milieu de sollicitudes by Pope Leo XIII (1892)

Rerum novarum by Pope Leo XIII (1891)

Ad beatissimi Apostolorum by Pope Benedict XV

Humani generis redemptionem by Pope Benedict XV (1917)

Nimiam licentiam by Pope Benedict XIV (1743)

In praeclara summorum by Pope Benedict XV (1921)

The Social Teachings of the Church by Anne Fremantle (ed.)

This Is It by Tom Watts

Ad Petri cathedram by Pope John XXIII

E Supremi by Pope Pius X

• “Address of Pope Paul VI During the Last General Meeting of the Second Vatican Council” (7 Dec. 1965)

Ideas Have Consequences by Richard Weaver (1948)


A Theology of Liberation by Gustavo Gutiérrez

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  2. We do hope you shall have found time as well to read the most important book: the Bible, which shall give you as it does to any reader enough insight and guidance to come through life and to find the right relationship between our maker and others.

    Wishing you inspiring readings in the Book of books: the Bible.

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