On the vetting and abetting of Syrian refugees…

“Wonderful news friends! So many of you have been worried about how to respond to the refugee crisis, how to vet them and whether or not you might actually be helping your enemy. Well, you can actually help a Christian family fleeing Muslim persecution who is begging for your help…not to come to the US but just to survive in place.

“Food and shelter is all they ask for, and they’ve been vetted by the Diocese, Caritas and yours truly. So don’t hold back, be a good [S]amaritan, a charitable [C]hristian, or just a decent human and help these people today!”

— J.C.

Here is the link to offer financial support for them. Along with that, or failing that, be sure to send your prayers to the Heavenly Father on their behalf.

real syrian refugee family support

Along with that, I encourage you to read this extremely informative (conservative) article about several myths being spread about the influx of refugees from the Middle East of late.

… This is too important an issue to allow prejudices, nativism and misinformation posing as fact to color our objective policy ideas.  To try to cut through some of the false narratives, here is a list of myths and facts about Syrian refugees, American refugee policy, and other issues in the news lately. Once we can all agree as to the facts, we can begin determining what, if anything, we need to do here at home on this issue. …

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Up is down, down is up, cats and dogs living together…

ceci n'est pas abu bakr al-baghadi with kanye west

Pope Francis Angleus bubble - ceci n'est pas un pape

creepy Charamsa LOGGIA FRANCIS waiting for

dolan bravos clint eastwood bullets.png

year of mercy vestment gay

“Reth iptha loquitur, betches!”

sean connery jeopardy

isis islamic boy is girl leftists

asians whites look same racism pwned

“Werl prayed, Dawcta Jones.”

adam and ever serpent wuerl

the church needs to get with the times

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sharing… test…


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I wonder whom he could possibly have in mind…

“One must be suspicious of the media cynosure, rampant in politics and such, who laughs habitually, with the same pose and bluster. I do not mean the mad man who laughs at what is not funny, but the calculator who laughs for effect: sometimes out of insecurity and often to ingratiate and manipulate, a clown outside and a cad inside. It is the sardonic impulse of one who does not want the people on deck to see the looming iceberg, or who cajoles you into buying the Brooklyn Bridge.”

— Fr. George Rutler (15 November 2015)

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A free and open dialogue, you say?

bad luck brian asks me about francis

I wrote the following passage today on my Facebook page. It seems to have struck a chord. In the spirit of Grappa Francesco, the least I can say is that it is off-the-cuff and from the heart.

By the way, Pope Francis, I don’t care what ‘kind’ of Church you do or “do not want” (EG §49). I believe in One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church; I have neither the gullibility nor the audacity to “dream” a better Church than the one Christ established–a Church, I might add, He established long before you were allowed, for mysterious reasons known only to God, to gaslight, guilt-trip, confuse, Balkanize and generally trivialize. If you want a better Church than the Catholic Church, by all means, go elsewhere to fabricate it in your own image.


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Res ipsa loquitur…

…but it doesn’t hurt to add a few glosses!

Archbishop Cupich stresses serving flock’s everyday needs

To better serve the faithful, the Catholic Church must cut through the often “archaic and simply incomprehensible” language of the past and do more to meet people’s everyday needs, Archbishop Blase Cupich said at a luncheon Wednesday.

What’s archaic and incomprehensible to you, Kapo Cupich, is what’s known simply as Catholic tradition and orthodoxy.

Having recently returned from a meeting of bishops in Rome — an event where his comments about possibly creating a path for those divorced and remarried to receive Communion drew criticism from some conservative Catholics — Cupich reiterated the need for the church to be more open to new ideas. …

Don’t blink! “Open to new ideas” actually means willing to retread old heresies and errors.

“Our responsibility to teach is tethered and co-equal to our responsibility to learn so we can benefit from the wisdom of the people we serve,” Cupich said, speaking at DePaul University.

the church needs to get with the times

Here Cupich must be drawing upon the Gospel of St. Wut, chapter 10, verse 16: “Whomever you listen to listens to me, and whomever you teach rejects me.” In reality, though, the bishop’s chief duty is to teach, rule, and guide, and only secondarily to “listen”.

As an example, Cupich repeated a story he heard while in Italy about a a boy whose parents have “an irregular marriage.” Cupich later clarified that the couple had married outside the church.

The boy approached his priest to take his first communion, but the boy’s parents stayed behind in the pews, Cupich said.

After receiving communion, the boy returned to his seat and divided the wafer with his parents.

“I don’t think there was a person in the room who would have condemned this young boy for committing a sacrilege or in some way told him he did something gravely wrong,” Cupich said.

Bingo! There apparently wasn’t a prelate in the room who had the spine to state the obvious! Cupich must feel right at home.

Cupich said Pope Francis wants the church to be more inclusive, more “energetic . . . always on the move, not sitting on the sidelines or looking at the world from a glass castle.”

Nor dwelling as a city on a hill…. All hail the Church of ADHD, restless legs syndrome, and heretical Tourette’s.

Cupich described last month’s synod format as an often exciting exchange of ideas.

“People could get up and disagree with each other — lowly bishops against cardinals, even cardinals with the pope,” Cupich said. “It didn’t matter — everybody had a voice.”

Neat. Nice to see that Abp. Caiaphas (inadvertently) agrees with what Our Lady of Akita said in 1973:

The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

Maybe he should stop imitating the noise maker in Rome and try some of that listening he holds so dear. Preferably in a monastery. Under a vow of silence.

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How many p.p.m. of feces do you like in YOUR Rocky Road ice cream?

Who’s up for a little Friday night intrigue? Who’s afraid of a little Origenist universalism? What’s wrong with preaching half-truths half the time?

Get these questions and more answered in my latest post at One Peter Five!

teilhard graphic chart

On Excluding Exclusion and the Inclusion Delusion: A Few Things to Know and Share

The audience is every soul on earth; the concern is care for the earth; the hope is eternal bliss in Heaven for all creatures.

This is what is known as universalism.

And it seems to be an official papal teaching.

But that’s none of my business.

Read the whole thing at One Peter Five.

And don’t worry, it’s probably just the grappa.

This too shall pass…

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