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Freaky Friday…

On 9 January the Vatican Insider reported an interesting “Easter egg” that had cropped up in Google Translate: from Italian “Bergoglio” translated into all other languages as “better world”. On 3 January Katholisches.info had reported the same phenomenon, but also … Continue reading

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Humina, humina…

Rinky-dink mumbo-jumbo. Hocus-pocus argle-bargle. Any other doozies?

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German on the fly / Deutsch in Eile

Beim ersten Versuch: “Natürlich möchte ich schlafen, aber ich muss erst die Schlafzeit wegen des unsteten Zeitgebers meiner dreimonatigen Tochter kontrollieren!” Beim zweiten: Keine Veränderungen.

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Notes on essence…

“Essence” is a placeholder for our grasp of the fact that a thing T is “at the very least Kp”, where p is the exemplification of a certain range of properties P and dispositions D, and K is a genus … Continue reading

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