Let me get this straight…

The following is a current meme making the rounds in Socialmediadom:

indian chief refugees meme

Here is my reaction:

Are we supposed to sympathize with “Native American” grievances and endorse (retroactive) xenophobia, or are we supposed to mock xenophobia of all kinds and piss on “Native American” grievances and paranoia?



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9 Responses to Let me get this straight…

  1. Crude says:

    Part of the problem is, mocking the hypothetical Indian’s “xenophobia” is a bit harder to do in hindsight. Denying that the Indians ever experienced negative and permanent effects from the mass immigration they saw involves an unfathomable level of self-deception.

    Xenophobia, like ‘homophobia’, seems to belong to a unique class of fears that it’s acceptable to torment people over having. If they were real fears, I’d liken the modern attitudes towards it to throwing a daddy longlegs on an arachnophobe.

  2. John says:

    This meme is such a fail that I can’t. I can’t. Only the internet.

  3. When the injuns were busy icing each other they was no country called America and the men coming to this place which was once called Turtle Island (is that true?) were coming to colonies possessed by the home country they emigrated from.

    O, and the colonists purchased the land from the injuns before settling here but ABS doesn’t hear any demands the Syrians ,or any other unassimilable men of Obama’s Mahometan Faith, be required to purchase any land before settling here and erecting Mosques; no, far from it, they move here and go on welfare with their five wives and fifteen children – just like they did in Lewiston, Maine; the city targeted by Mahometans formally living in and around Atlanta but whose scouts (Yes Virginia, Mahometans in America deploy scouts to check-out which states are most favorable to move to in terms of welfare benefits, free housing etc.) found Lewiston , Maine and what it had to offer. Eureka (or the Mahometans equivalent) they yelled!!!

    We are going to take every damn thing saved by prudent Catholics and use it for our faith and the American crowd cheered, WELCOME Burqua wearers.

    The French Catholics in Maine had, over a century, established a support system for widows, children, indigent Catholics etc and the liberal politicians gave it all away to those who hate our guts

    O, and whitey was here first according to , white, anthropologists, so stick that in your multiracial pipe and smoke it..

    Sorry, Elliot, ABS has no patience for this BS

  4. Daisy says:

    The Indians were doomed no matter who came. A stone age people have no chance against modern people. That has nothing to do with not wanting to end up like a Swedish rape victim.

  5. The best answer is, “Good plan! Let’s end up EXACTLY like the American Indians! See how that turned out? Those xenophobes are totally overreacting, amirite?”

  6. Whitey was here first and we bugged-out owing to there then being no effective insect repellent and it was only after whitey left that the injuns came and became squatters; thus, Squanto.

    We came back later after the english revolution and we bought the land from the squatters – even though they didn’t own it – and it was the indians who first attacked whitey, repeatedly.

    ABS has contacted the Trump campaign and asked them to have The Donald respond- We stole it fair and square– to any question about Injuns and land and mahometan refugees being flown here to be put n welfare.

    O, and maybe some republican staffer could bestir his own self to read “War Before Civilization” by Lawrence H, Keeley (they can read my copy) and learn that the savages were mass murdering each other LONG before Columbus claimed this land for the King and Queen.

    150 years prior to Columbus, at Crow Creek So Dak, 500 men women and children had been slaughtered and scalped and mass buried and the slaughter happened, apparently just as formally destroyed fortifications were being rebuilt.

    There are all manner of monographs, papers, studies, books, etc available that eviscerate the lies in favor of Rousseau and his noble savage

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