The religion of peace that wasn’t…

Why Islam Is More Violent Than Christianity: An Atheist’s Guide” by Robert Tracinski

The distinctive idea here [in Christianity] is not a belief in self-sacrifice—Islam, with its emphasis on the glory of dying in battle, has that idea in abundance. Nor is it the idea of a duty to serve others—Communist regimes were built on the idea that the individual exists only to serve the collective. Instead, it is the idea that each individual has a supreme and sacred value. Even Ayn Rand declared this to be the idea from Christianity that most impressed her. …

Islam has no corresponding idea. …

Christianity took hold among Greeks and Romans steeped in the Classical philosophical tradition, and that left its mark. The now-retired pope, Benedict XVI—who I’m really missing right now, by the way—made this the central point of an important speech he gave in 2006 at the University of Regensburg, in which he addressed the relationship between Christianity and Islam. Benedict argued that “the critically purified Greek heritage forms an integral part of Christian faith,” and defended the “Hellenization” of Christianity. …

Is God rational?

This was the issue Benedict focused on in his Regensburg speech. He approvingly cited a dialogue in which one of the Byzantine emperors was debating with a Muslim and argued that in Christian theology, God is rational: he acts according to reason and is understandable by reason. He cited a Biblical passage about God being “Logos”—which means both “word” and “reason” in Greek—as evidence that “the world comes from reason” as part of the animating spirit of God’s creation.

Islam rejects this view. Al-Ghazali even rejected the law of cause and effect. The Muslim God does not establish laws of nature and leave them to operate. He is personally involved in causing every natural event by a direct act of will. Thus, al-Ghazali insisted that when a ball of cotton is placed into a flame, the fire does not burn the cotton. Instead, “when fire and cotton are placed in contact, the cotton is burned directly by God rather than by the fire.” …

Christianity also has a long tradition of coexisting with secular systems of law. This comes from the Roman context, where there was an established, codified Roman system of law which Christianity did not seek to overthrow. This, as I understand it, is part of the significance of Christ’s admonition to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” …

By contrast, Islam recognizes no room for any law other than what was supposedly revealed to Mohammed, and that is the source of a whole lot of trouble. The explicit argument offered by Islamists against representative government is the complaint that laws voted on by the people are laws created by man, whereas God is the only one who can make law. …

If you add up all of these things, you see what an explosive mix you get from Islam: the expectation that religion dictates everything and that their religion ought to be totally dominant here in this world, combined with the notion that religion is not open to reason and leaves no room for doubt, questioning, or debate.


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4 Responses to The religion of peace that wasn’t…

  1. MJ was with in-laws in Tenn recently and they listen ALL DAMN DAY to hate radio (NPR which hates Jesus, Truth, The Catholic Church, and normal men) and he heard some harridan wailing about how she had been in one of satan’s sand trap in the ME where she discovered that the fundies of Mahomet were like the fundies of Christ in that ” both are violent.”

    The host (who obviously knew the knowable re rapes, beheadings etc) asked her what she meant and she said that while Islamacists did violence the Christian- Fundies spoke violent words – and she gave the example of her hearing them speak of “the enemy.”

    And this is what passes for acceptable information in the daze of our democratic life

  2. Nick says:

    Treat others as you wish others to treat you. Atheists can misinterpret as many passages in the Scriptures and cite as many Christian scandals to justify murder, slavery and other sins as they can in the Qu’ran and Muslim scandals to “prove” Christianity is as violent as Islam. Islam is called a religion of peace because of its laws, which prohibit terrorism and proscribe mercy. As you learn of the Jewish heritage of the Christian Faith from Judaism, so learn of Islam and its similarities to Christianity and Judaism from Islam. As you disbelieve you are a polytheist for worshiping the Trinity – despite some Jews’ accusations – so do not call Muslims idol worshipers for worshiping Allah – or “God” in Arabic, Whom Arabic-speaking and -reading theists adore.

    Do not hastily generalize Muslims or Islam, for hasty generalization is a fallacy, a fallacy is an error, and error is from sin and concupiscence. Do not be overly-righteous in condemning other religions, but, in light of the Seven Wonders of the World which God created through men, seek what is good and shun what is evil in others – while judging yourself for your sins to combat pride, crediting God for all your good to combat vainglory, and being content with His Providence to combat wrath, lust, greed, gluttony, envy, self-righteousness, and sanctimony. Above all else, since you share in Jesus’ Life, so spiritually imitate His Mystery: a Spiritual Nativity by allowing Him in your heart, a Spiritual Passion by dying with Him, etc. – which you begun in Baptism by dying to sin in Christ and Jesus making His Abode (Heaven) in you.

    Terrorism, Antithesis of Religion:
    Jewish Heritage:
    Faith and politics:
    Wonders of the World:
    Spiritual Nativity:
    Saint Ignatius on Vainglory: “Refer everything that you do to God; strive to offer Him all the good you find in yourself, acknowledging that this comes from God, and thank Him for it,” from:

  3. An atheist made those remarks. If you have problems with his analysis, elaborate on them here, or, better yet, write to the author.

    Do not be hasty in generalizing an analysis as a hasty generalization, because, etc.

  4. Atheists can misinterpret as many passages in the Scriptures and cite as many Christian scandals to justify murder, slavery and other sins as they can in the Qu’ran and Muslim scandals to “prove” Christianity is as violent as Islam.

    Mahomet was the founder of the false faith of Mahometanism and he is considered the perfect man and, as such, a man to be imitated and it is well know that he married a 6 yo and fornicated with her when she was 9; he was a brigand and a beheader of Jews – he was a man of repulsive morals, a murderer, and one who sicced his fellow killers on innocent pacific christians whereas Jesus was not with ten trillion galaxies of possessing such qualities.

    Mahomet was man of war and Jesus is the Prince of Peace so, if’n’ya are going to seek to come here and run some all-religions-are-the-same scam, think again for while B.C. is a patient, MJ ain;t.

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