Sometimes, trying your best is not good enough. Fortunately, though…

“O most holy Heart of Jesus, fountain of every blessing, I adore Thee, I love Thee and with a lively sorrow for my sins, I offer Thee this poor heart of mine. Make me [and my family] humble, patient, pure and wholly obedient to Thy will. Grant, good Jesus, that I may live in Thee and for Thee. Protect me [and my family] in the midst of danger; comfort me in my afflictions; give me [and my family] health of body, assistance in my temporal needs, Thy blessing on all that I do, and the grace of a holy death. Within Thy Heart I place my every care. In every need let me [and my family] come to Thee with humble trust saying, Heart of Jesus, help me.”


Remember O Christian one life


I love those who have loved “Culture Wars” longer than I have. (The same goes for “Breaking Bad”, albeit to a slightly lesser degree.)


About The Codgitator (a cadgertator)

Catholic convert. Quasi-Zorbatic. Freelance interpreter, translator, and web marketer. Former ESL teacher in Taiwan (2003-2012) and former public high school teacher (2012-2014). Married father of three. Multilingual, would-be scholar, and fairly consistent fitness monkey. My research interests include: the interface of religion and science, the history and philosophy of science and technology, ancient and medieval philosophy, and cognitive neuroscience. Please pray for me.
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5 Responses to Sometimes, trying your best is not good enough. Fortunately, though…

  1. One never knows when his soul will be required of him so it is a good idea to plan for any eventuality.

    With that in mind, M.J has been preparing his Last Will and Testament. The First Draft so far:

    When I croak please bury my heart with the injuns at wounded knee,
    Then use my colon as bait for crabs down in the Florida Keys.
    Give my balls to the countless castrati employed by The Holy See,
    Then heave my dong into a whirlpool in the middle of the Zuider Zee

  2. Branch says:


  3. Well, sometimes trying your best actually matches your duty. Other times even good efforts fall short of a moral requirement. And other times even mediocre efforts can satisfy moral duties.

  4. There is not a small number of pages online from the book about Bergolio – The Great Reformer – that M.J read today and it must be written that although he appears to be right-round-the-bend on many matters, he seems absolutely authentic in his orientation towards the poor and has gone out of his way to minister to them in the way he thinks is most merciful and effective.

    Like most controversial men, he is not uncomplicated, and there are many reasons many men love him


    O, and the book seems to settle the question of why then Pope Benedict XVI abdicated, he tripped and bumped his head and that made him realize he was too frail to discharge his duties.

    That is, the reason he abdicated was just what he said it was; although that is not as sexy as being forced to retire by Sodomites or Free Masons or Fuller Brush Salesmen

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