Cdl. Burke is so wonderfully level-headed!

It seems that he will still be involved in the Synod, and that he is not opposed to changes in simplifying the annulment process.

“The danger, Cardinal Burke [said], is that ‘the media has created a situation in which people expect that there are going to be these major changes which would, in fact, constitute a change in Church teaching, which is impossible. That’s why it’s very important for those who are in charge to be very clear,’ he said. …

‘I’m hoping that will be the occasion, especially highlighted by the beatification of Pope Paul VI at the conclusion of this Synod, to underline the teaching in his courageous and very wise Encyclical, Humanae Vitae,’ the cardinal said.

“As current prelate of the Apostolic Signatura, Cardinal Burke’s role at the synod will particularly pertain to the marriage nullity process, specifically in light of the suggestion to streamline the process of annulments, making it faster and easier.

“‘I wouldn’t be at all opposed to any changes,’ he said, ‘except that a certain amount of complexity is required by the complexity of a claim that a marriage is null. And you cannot simply deal with these kinds of questions by some kind of easy and light-hearted process.’

“All things considered, Cardinal Burke told CNA that the Synod on the Family can be a good thing, ‘as long as it’s firmly grounded in the Church’s doctrine and discipline regarding marriage. But it cannot simply be a kind of sentimental or personal approach that doesn’t respect the objective reality of marriage.'”


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2 Responses to Cdl. Burke is so wonderfully level-headed!

  1. With respect to Cardinal Burke, the media always has and always will distort the Church’s message. In this case it’s his brother cardinals who are causing the chaos and confusion.

  2. Tony Jokin says:

    Well, all things considered, a Council should be a very good thing for the Church as long as it’s firmly grounded in the Church’s doctrine and discipline and not something dominated by a kind of sentimental or personal approach that doesn’t respect the objective reality.

    But we know how the story went with the last Council. What reason do we have to find confidence that things will be different at the synod?

    And why on earth is the media to blame? They report what is said. If there is ambiguity or a misunderstanding, why aren’t those individuals misrepresented by the media speaking out with clarity? Why no post something on the Vatican new website so that the faithful are reassured that they never said such a thing or intended such a thing?

    Even if the media had lied, I would think the particular individual the media has misquoted to spin that lie is also responsible for not taking a minute to clarify their actual position.

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