3 Responses to I’ll take elite photoshopping for a thousand, Alex…

  1. Questions about the Church’s stance on sexuality…

    Elton John has a position on sodomy (yes, it is bent) whereas the Catholic Church has an infallible teaching that sodomy is a sin crying to Heaven for vengeance.

    Can the Catholic Church become any more of a scandal? This is flat-out disgusting; but so again was the Pope Benedict “solution” to sodomites entering the seminaries (entrance in the rear) which was so lax and timorous that Dale Vree concluded that the result of his decision, we would continue to have an over representation of queer clergy.

    Whereas it is the plain and simple truth that being a sodomite automatically excludes one from entering a seminary – to say nothing about ordination – the modern church is so damn centered on accommodating man that it has become a sick twisted institution.

    Man om man, B.C. believe it or not ABS is being as restrained as he can; this unrelenting surrender to the world is becoming intolerable…

  2. Tamsin says:

    Hmm. Goats in sheep’s clothing.

    Eliot, thanks for all your German translations!

  3. Tamsin: Bitte sehr, das ist mein Vergnügen!

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