With a nail gun, you say?

A reader alerted me to the report of yet another financial-world suicide, but then Lent got underway and I lost the thread. Unhappily enough, however, thanks to Vox Popoli, I now have it that “according to Zero Hedge, the number of banker suicides is now 11″. Vox adds:

I was somewhat dubious about the sudden rash of banker deaths, particularly after hearing about the guy who tortured himself with a nail gun. And the 11 deaths doesn’t include Jeffrey Corzine. Bankers have stolen homes and deposits from hundreds of thousands of people and ruined thousands of lives. It seems highly improbable that all of those people are now in a perfect state of Zen equilibrium and have no interest in seeking revenge.

Is this a sign of coming fiscal collapse, a wave of revenge killings, or merely biased coverage of genuine suicides? I suspend judgment, but it is not very heartening to know that more such deaths were predicted and explained in February of this year:

[O]n Feb. 5, an insider and former head trader for a top banking firm issued a warning that new information is out which shows that ‘hit squads’ have been made active in the Wall Street area, and that a high level banker tied to recent investigations into Forex manipulation, along with up to three dozen others involved in scandals, are being targeted for potential assassination in light of their viability as witnesses and whistle blowers to federal and financial regulators.

I advise taking it all with usual grains of salt, but I am curious what you all make of this rash of rashness.

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4 Responses to With a nail gun, you say?

  1. Tony Jokin says:

    Just a thought. If one were to check the number of suicides by medical Doctors during this time period, or Engineers, ( or everyone’s favorite, Dentists 🙂 ) how special would this number of suicide banker deaths be?

  2. Flambeaux says:

    Not very. I recall looking into exactly those questions when I was leaving finance for law school…and again when I left law school to go back to finance.

  3. Admit it. You just love to live dangerously. 😉

  4. Flambeaux says:

    Well, it could be that, too. 😀
    Austin “Danger” Powers…

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