From the Res Ipsa Loquitur Files…

Jaki - This RockNo one can say for sure where this papacy is headed, though we can say with total confidence in the Lord where it is not headed (cf. Mt 16:16-19). Consider the following data:

A hitchhiker’s guide to the popemobile – Posted on January 8, 2014 by Carol Glatz

With eagle eyesight, Pope Francis spotted him in a crowd of 50,000 people. Or maybe he first recognized the voice — one of dozens screaming “Santo Padre!” “Holy Father!”

Eagle eyesight or expert timing? The Emmaus Pope is not one to let a good “encounter” montage pass him by, even if it requires a few prevenient aids to Providence, so to speak.

As the priest clambers on, the pope rightly tells him:  “The picture will go around the world.”

I owe this “catch” to Louie Verrecchio.

One must wonder just how “unaware” the Holy Father is of his impact via social media. Nothing conclusive here, but it does bring to mind one of those…

Meanwhile, the most incisive story of the entire year may have already been won by HuffPo (or “PuffPo” as I recently saw the always witty Mundabor call it):

Photos Of Pope Francis And Lamb At The Nativity Scene On Epiphany Make Us So Happy – By Yasmine Hafiz | Posted: 01/07/14 EST | Updated: 01/07/14 EST

Pope Francis melted hearts when he snuggled up with a baby lamb at a living nativity scene on January 6, 2014, during the holiday of Epiphany. The adorable scene was staged at St. Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori parish church, in the outskirts of Rome.

In addition to being one of the most adorable pictures that has ever been taken of Pope Francis, the lamb is a powerful Christian symbol that has special significance to his papacy. This specific lamb also makes him the HAPPIEST POPE IN THE WORLD. Just look:

APTOPIX Italy Pope EpiphanyThe Francis Affect

I don’t even… I’m not… I just…. pope francis pectoral crossIs this piece intended as a subtle mockery of Pope Francis, or does this pass for legitimate reportage? Apparently the author, Yasmin Hafiz, is a Muslim of the interfaith (or, ecumenical, as Pope Francis might call it) persuasion, so it makes sense that she would try to de-fang the pope and reduce him to a sweet old man. Any sensible journalist should know by now that Pope Francis is a hard-as-nails prophet who only softens his tone in order to infiltrate his unambiguous defense of the Catholic Faith and the Kingship of Christ. Don’t worry, Miss Hafiz, I get it: he wears a pectoral cross showing Jesus bearing a sheep, so it’s über-cute that he should, ya know, like, actually bear a lil’ sheep.

Enough from Miss Hafiz. Why do the media spin this pope like this!?

Let me close with the assessment of Pope Francis from someone who knows him much better, and who takes his larger vision much more seriously:

Pope Francis in ‘discontinuity’ with Benedict, is relieving the Church of its fears: Vatican Bishop – by Sofia Vazquez-Mellado – -Thu Jan 09, 2014 14:43 EST

Bishop Enrico dal Covolo, rector of the Lateran University in Rome, praised Pope Francis recently for relieving the Church of “the fears she had in the past.”

“I believe that Pope Francis represents a figure of discontinuity in regards with the previous pontificate, but an extremely positive discontinuity because he’s pushing the Church, rectifying it from all the fears she had in the past,” the bishop said in a brief interview with Pacific News Center during a short stay in the island of Guam this past Christmas season.  …

Bishop dal Covolo said he thought Pope Francis had “exceeded my expectations” in collecting “the very rich doctrinal teachings of Benedict XVI… and transmit[ting] it to the youth.” … [Earlier he had] also declared he believed “Pope Francis is exorcising the Church, which must come out of its own fears and locks.”

jesus peter keysAs we have seen, Pope Francis is certainly conveying something to the youth. Let’s hope that Bishop dal Calvolo’s wild talk of “discontinuity” does not start to spread.


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2 Responses to From the Res Ipsa Loquitur Files…

  1. ErnstThalmann says:

    “As the priest clambers on, the pope rightly tells him: ‘The picture will go around the world’.”

    I’ll speak from my heart: This man is a 24 carat phoney. He is concerned mostly with how others see him and little else. Benedict was shy, modest and shunned attention as befits a holy man. This clown is a showboat and this quote just proves it. What have we come to when the Vicar of Christ plays to the crowd like a politician pandering for votes. The example par excellence of a life of poverty and humility? Please, don’t make me laugh, I’ve got chapped lips. Here’s Johnny ….

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