Stat orbis dum volvitur crux…

Or: Res ipsa loquitur.

Pope Francis Gets a New Speechwriter

November 7, 2013 By 

This warm, informal Pope has won the hearts of many, but his controversial soundbytes have shaken others’ confidence in Church teaching.  Perhaps that is why yesterday, he enlisted the help of a new speechwriter.  Monsignor Paolo Luca Braida, an Italian priest who lives near the Pope at the Domus Sanctae Marthae and heads the Vatican Secretariat of State’s Italian Section, will now be coordinator of papal speech and homily writing. …

Papal biographer Andrea Tornielli, writing in the Italian newspaper La Stampa, reports that Monsignor Braida has been contributing to the preparation of the Pope’s speeches for some time now.  …

Tornielli explains:

Some homilies and speeches are written by the Pope in person. Other addresses are prepared by the Secretariat of State or by other Vatican dicasteries and offices according to the Pope’s instructions. Francis often speaks off-the-cuff, adding bits to his speeches at the last minute.

My first response to this news was, “No comment.” But then I blogged about it. So, comments.

No need to get too involved here, but I am confused by the claim that Braida was “enlisted” yesterday to help the pope, yet he’s “been contributing to the preparation of the Pope’s speeches for some time now.”


It will be interesting to see, if there are any more “off-the-cuff” hiccups from Pope Francis, how quickly Braida gets thrown under the bus for them.


I’m going to have to take this development, as I took the pope’s reported regret over the Scalfari interview, as a positive sign. It seems that the worries and prayers of faithful Catholics might be percolating through the charismatic force field of this papacy and Pope Francis may just have “the humility and ambition to do something about it.”

Nonetheless, this development does little to dampen my “spidey sense” about the Orwellian, postmodern attitude towards language and authenticity that hovers about this papacy. Once there was a sereneness and solidity about the papacy–Stat crux dum volvitur orbis–but it now seems to have been replaced by populist canvassing and situationist posturing. Stat orbis dum volvitur crux.

Let’s hope for the best, though.

Stat crux dum

Incidentally, the link I just included takes a bow to the chaps at Eye of the Tiber, and it is in their crafty little hands that I leave you (although it’s admittedly an old story).

Pope Francis Not Sure What To Make Of His Papacy Thus Far

APRIL 16, 2013

VATICAN CITY––It was announced earlier this afternoon that His Holiness Pope Francis was at a complete and utter loss about what to make of his papacy thus far. The 76-year-old Pontiff told Eye of the Tiber that he had been mulling over the question privately for some time now, but that he had hesitated about asking out of fear that he might appear to be a “bad” Catholic. “I don’t know, I guess it all started when I was up there on the loggia bowing my head and thinking to myself, ‘Jorge Mario Bergoglio…whatare you doing?’ Then I went to church without security, I paid my own hotel bill, washed women’s feet, and now I’m like, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do next!’” … In an exclusive interview with Eye of the Tiber just hours ago, Pope Francis made it clear that although he wasn’t yet quite sure of what to make of his “unorthodox” papacy, he was certain about his stance on the big stuff because of all his quotes about gay marriage and the devil and stuff, and would therefore give himself the benefit of the doubt. “But still, I gotta admit that sometimes I get real confused by some of the stuff I do.”


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