One awful thing, one irksome thing, and one thing marvelous…

…and one cold dousing for not a few Catholics.

First, the awful, from the always dependably prurient Dan Savage.

Gay ‘Sexpert’ Dan Savage: ‘Abortion Should Be Mandatory for About 30 Years’

Near the program’s end, a woman from the audience asked, “Which so-called dangerous idea do you each think would have the greatest potential to change the world for the better if it were implemented?”

Savage said, “Population control. There’s too many god—-  people on the planet! And I don’t know if that’s a – you know, I’m pro-choice. I believe that women should have the right to control their bodies. Sometimes in my darker moments I’m anti-choice.”

“I think abortion should be mandatory for about 30 years,” he said.  “That’s a dangerous idea. She wanted a dangerous idea. So throw a chair at me.”

Another awful symptom of our fasco-eugenicist, ahem, “culchure“.

In stark contrast, as one beam of the cross clashes with the other, we have this marvelous icon of the Gospel:

Pope Francis Kisses Man Plagued With Boils

Pope Francis’ compassionate nature was poignantly captured in this image of him tenderly comforting a sick man by kissing him on the head.


Amen! Axios! (The comments there are also encouraging.)

And now for something irksome (HT to Louie Verrecchio).

Synod reform aims to enhance collegiality

The Synod of Bishops will undergo changes so that it can be “a real and effective instrument of communion which through the collegiality called for by the Second Vatican Council is expressed and realized,” the secretary-general of the Synod told a November 5 press conference.

Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri, who was selected by Pope Francis to head the office of the Synod, said that the goal of reforms will be to ensure that the Synod “adequately fulfills its mission to promote episcopal collegiality, cum Petro et sub Petro, in the governance of the Church.”

… [T]he Holy Father is determined to enhance the role of the Synod as a means of giving the world’s bishops an active voice in establishing priorities and setting policies for the universal Church.

Read Verrecchio’s post for an idea of why this is murky talk at best.

Finally, this cold bucket of water on “Medge” jarred me (HT to Fr. Z). I have no attachment to Medjugorje, and only a smidgen more knowledge about what it is, but I do know a parish, how to say, not far from me which has done just what it seems is being forbidden.

CDF directs clerics, faithful not to attend conferences favorable to Medjugorje


“…official pilgrimages to Medjugorje, understood as a place of authentic Marian apparitions, are not permitted to be organized either on the parish or on the diocesan level…”

(Most Rev. Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Letter to Bishop Taverdet, 23 March 1996)

“…concerning pilgrimages to Medjugorje which take place in a private manner, this Congregation holds that they are permitted, on the condition that they not be considered a validation of events in progress and which still call for examination by the Church.”

(Most Rev. Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Letter to Bishop Aubry, 26 May 1998)

As Johnny Carson liked to say, “I did not know that.”

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4 Responses to One awful thing, one irksome thing, and one thing marvelous…

  1. Juan Herena says:

    Apropos Pope Francis and the man he kissed, I remember one of my Dermatology professors advising us of the importance of touching with our own hands the skin of patients affected by psoriasis or other skin disorders, and not just in the interest of examining the texture of a lesion. More importantly, she said that the touch would dispel from patients any thought that we regarded them with revulsion, and could convey regard, empathy, and commitment to them. Part of the art which should be wedded to the science of Medicine…

  2. vermontcrank1 says:

    Kudos to Our Pope for trying to swat away the Medj Flies but especially for cradling and kissing that man covered with boils. Damien of Molokai can immediately to mind.

    What a beautiful act of love by Pope Francis. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos !!!

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