Wherein I don’t not un-believe in…

What’s my line, anyway?

Oh, right.

Since everybody likes him (even Obama!), please ponder these words from the logically-equivalent-Pope-Francis:

I believe in God, not in a [Christian] God, there is no [Christian] God, there is God and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation. [The non-Christian] Jesus is my [non-Catholic] teacher and my [generally theistic] pastor, but God, the [non-trinitarian] Father, Abba, is the light and the [Muslim] Creator. This is my [technically orthodox Catholic] Being.

Alrighty, then!

There’s my Catholic cue for despair or apostasy.




About The Codgitator (a cadgertator)

Catholic convert. Quasi-Zorbatic. Freelance interpreter, translator, and web marketer. Former ESL teacher in Taiwan (2003-2012) and former public high school teacher (2012-2014). Married father of three. Multilingual, would-be scholar, and fairly consistent fitness monkey. My research interests include: the interface of religion and science, the history and philosophy of science and technology, ancient and medieval philosophy, and cognitive neuroscience. Please pray for me.
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5 Responses to Wherein I don’t not un-believe in…

  1. Crude says:

    Do you really regard ‘There is just God, there is no Catholic God’ as that problematic? I mean that one in particular, even Pope John Paul II and, I think, Benedict stressed that muslims and jews worshiped the same God as the Catholics. And I’m pretty sure trinitarianism isn’t big with either.

  2. I’m pretty sure that it’s one of the more controversial statements in the Catechism that we worship the same God as the Muslims and Jews.

  3. I’ve got a post shaping up about my exact concerns. It runs pretty deep, but I think the problem is really just keeping the logic tight.

  4. Kennyth says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’ve heard yet. We’re not allowed to think anymore, or to become upset. You see, we can only express surprise and delight at every word that comes from the mouth of Francis, the Fabulous. The memo came out late last night over Fax; I’m sure you’ll reconsider your opinions in this light

  5. According to the Holy Scriptures there is the Only One True God Divine Creator Allah, the Elohim Whose name is Jehovah.
    The God of Abraham is the same for Jews, non-trinitarian Christians and Muslims, but we would not consider it to be the same God as the trinitarian Christians, because they take Jesus to be a god son whilst he is the son of God (something totally different) and son of man.
    They nullify Jesus his actions by denying a human being could follow the Will and the commandments of God, and that he did not really found and end to his life at the wooden stake, because God can not die but Jesus really did, what Muslims also ignore.

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