Inconceivable! (A «Princess Bride» + Catholic morality pun, all in one)

A modernized "meme" from Abp. Sheen's Catholic wisdom.

A modernized “meme” from Abp. Sheen’s Catholic wisdom.

A typical response to this “meme”:

“Sorry, but those who oppose birth control are responsible for much of the overpopulation [and let’s throw in AIDS victims] of third–world countries. I find this statement to be absurd and insulting to those of us who are responsible, loving parents of a reasonable number of children.”

Here’s how I recently responded to that:

The key word in this poster is “artificial.” There is as much a place for prudent stewardship of one’s fertility in Catholic moral theology as there is for financial and nutritional self-control. NFP is not “the rhythm method” and is clinically proven to be as effective as condoms, if not more so over time, given the carelessness that confidence in a technological “solution” inculcates in people.

As for the hoary Malthusian claims about overpopulation, they’re mostly driven by Northern-Hemisphere-centric, scared-secular-white-people fears of the rise of a Religious Brown World, as well as by an outdated zero-sum, shrinking-pie understanding of resource distribution. In the most vigorously pro-contraceptive countries (abortion is the possibly the most possible form of artificial contraception, by the way), we are witnessing not only the collapse of the family due to divorce, adultery, and revisionist legal positivism, but also, far from “overpopulation,” a true population implosion underway. So, the fears many in the West––but again, more broadly in the North (viz. China’s “solution” to their population “problem”)––have about overpopulation is just a reflection of their growing awareness that their kind is contracepting themselves out of the gene pool, and thus out of the political debate. Hence, it serves these shrinking Northern elites to implement pervasive contraception, abortion, and sterilization services in order to help lesser countries “develop” (Planned Parenthood by the USA and the UN, more draconian anti-life conditions by the Chinese, etc.).

Here are a couple resources to help (begin) lead(ing) you out of this mythical overpopulation rabbit hole:

“The Overpopulation Myth and the New Morality” by Howard Kainz – Thursday, 13 December 2012


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2 Responses to Inconceivable! (A «Princess Bride» + Catholic morality pun, all in one)

  1. Luke says:

    Do you know the term Straw Man?

  2. Yes, I do. Care to elaborate?

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