Links and resources to read or discuss later-soon…

So, you might think I’ma jackasass for presenting a post like this: unhyperlinked URLs to things I haven’t even read yet! But in fact, I’m partially keeping records for myself and partially inviting you to read them before, or, even better, without my reactions.

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The following are (some of) James Chastek’s reflections on the Five Ways and the Fourth Way. I dug them up after my own latest grappling with the Quarta Via a few weeks ago. In chronological order:

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The Folly of Scientism by Austin L. Hughes –

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Perhaps it was left over suffering from Lent, but a week or two ago I had a blog combox interaction about apophatic theology, which, while I believe it’s good and valid, is usually also a major headache to talk about. Or, as one of my friends puts it, “The first rule of apophatic theology is… well… you know.” So here’s an article I want to dig into a bit when I get the chance. –

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Lonergan on St. Thomas’ Theory of Operation –

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A. N. Williams‘s The Ground of Union available in full, apparently, at scribd DOT com –

Similarly, the first 10% or so of Duncan Reid’s Energies of the Spirit is available via Google Books



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One Response to Links and resources to read or discuss later-soon…

  1. graywills says:

    Phew – rather a lot of reading – but I’ll have a go – not today though!
    Kind rergards.

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