And Bob’s your uncle!

This is a tiny appendix to my recent large post of mine about the Fourth Way.

Ironically, saying that the Fourth Way is the worst or weakest of the Five Ways, or that the Ontological Argument is the worst argument for God’s existence, only validates those arguments. (The same holds true even if one grants that they are the best or strongest such arguments, but still rejects them as probative.) Rejecting them as inferior to their refutations only serves to buttress the minor premise of those arguments, especially the Fourth Way.


About The Codgitator (a cadgertator)

Catholic convert. Quasi-Zorbatic. Freelance interpreter, translator, and web marketer. Former ESL teacher in Taiwan (2003-2012) and former public high school teacher (2012-2014). Married father of three. Multilingual, would-be scholar, and fairly consistent fitness monkey. My research interests include: the interface of religion and science, the history and philosophy of science and technology, ancient and medieval philosophy, and cognitive neuroscience. Please pray for me.
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