“Some reflections on the push for gay marriage”

Marriage in America in 2010

Marriage in America in 2010 (Photo credit: GEEKSTATS)


If love were the only criteria for a marriage, then we would allow almost every conceivable type of relationship to be recognised as a marriage.

Also, the idea that the legal definition of marriage, meaning the social significance a nation attaches to marriage, doesn’t affect society is an oxymoron. Marriage laws are fundamentally a question of what’s best for society rather than a question of individual rights.  …

Furthermore, marriage must discriminate to have meaning. Defining marriage itself is an act of discrimination because it is saying what marriage is and what it isn’t, by definition. …

Once we get past these distractions, we can get to the core of the debate, which is simply this: should we have a special status for heterosexual relationships, as is the status quo? It isn’t “homophobic” to answer that heterosexual relationships make a unique contribution to society and marriage is a recognition of this.  …

Heterosexual relationships are unique in that they are orientated to procreation. They involve organic bodily union, through coitus, as part of the natural cycle of life and fundamental to the survival of humanity. The communal significance of this is acknowledged by society through marriage.  …

The practical consequences of gay marriage for children and society would be long-term but still very concerning. It would change the institution of marriage from being centred around the production and well-being of children to being based on the self-fulfilment of adults. It would obscure the value of opposite-sex parenting as an ideal, taking away the special status marriage gives to the best arrangement for the upbringing of children.



About The Codgitator (a cadgertator)

Catholic convert. Quasi-Zorbatic. Freelance interpreter, translator, and web marketer. Former ESL teacher in Taiwan (2003-2012) and former public high school teacher (2012-2014). Married father of three. Multilingual, would-be scholar, and fairly consistent fitness monkey. My research interests include: the interface of religion and science, the history and philosophy of science and technology, ancient and medieval philosophy, and cognitive neuroscience. Please pray for me.
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