So, all I wanna know is, where’s Decepticon?

Combat robots wow crowds�

(New – Will KNight – 16 Aug 2004)

A robot fighting contest that draws huge crowds in Japan each year has highlighted sophisticated technological trends in robotics, experts say.

It takes experts to establish this? (“Yeah, honey, the doctor told me I feel achy with chills and that I have no appetite.”) Ah the illusion of authority.

The 2004 Robo-One contest, held in Kawasaki, central Japan on 8 August, drew hundreds of spectators. The event is inspired by the sport K-1, a combination of kick-boxing other martial arts that is popular in Japan.

Now, here’s the only footage you care about: “We Will Rock You!” and The Rumble.

“The technological advances have been amazing over the years,” participant Naohiro Hayaishi, of robots company Vstone, told CNN. “These days, the robots really look like they are fighting.”

My Resident Technology and Sociology Expert informs me it’s only a matter of time before some wingnuts build a man-sized robot to scrap with humans. And then Rocky the Robot will accidentally crush Manny the Man’s head like a lightbulb. And then the Robo-Anthro War will be on.


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